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Here is What Not to Do to Contact Lenses

If you are, are you among the 40-90% of those wearers who don’t care for their contact lenses properly?

If you don’t take proper care when handling your contact lenses, you’re putting your eyes at risk for infections such as acanthamoeba keratitis and increasing your chances for vision loss.

Don’t Wear them Longer than you’re Supposed to

If your contact lenses are made for one-day wear, throw them away at the end of the day.  The same applies for month-long wear lenses: throw them away at the end of the month.

If you wear your lenses longer than recommended, you are risking eye infections, discomfort, and dry eye.  

Don’t shower or swim with your contact lenses in

Water contains microorganisms and bacteria, including the above-mentioned acanthamoeba.

This microscopic bacteria can attach to your lenses and cause your eye to become infected and/or inflamed. If it isn’t treated promptly, you’ll be at risk for permanent vision loss.

Don’t clean your contact lenses with tap water

For the same reasons as not swimming or showering with contact lenses, you should not expose your contact lenses to tap water.

Additionally, tap water can even cause your lenses to swell, which can irritate your eyes and cause problems.

Don’t recycle your contact solution

When you take your contacts out of your eyes, they’re covered in bacteria and debris from normal wear. When you drop them in your case with the solution, the bacteria and debris doesn’t just disappear.

If you leave that bacteria-filled solution in your case and reuse it, you’re putting everything right back onto your eye. This can lead to infection and irritation.

Don’t use your contact lens case for longer than three months

The Optometric Association recommends throwing out your contact lens case after no more than three months of use.

Don’t ignore warning signs

If your eyes are irritated from your contact lenses or your vision is blurry while wearing them, take them out. Listen to your body’s warning signs to avoid infections or complications. Your lenses should feel comfortable and make you see better, not worse.

Don’t sleep with your contact lenses in

Your eyes need time to breathe. Let them get the oxygen they need and avoid irritation by taking them out before bed. (Note: Some brands are approved for extended wear or sleep, so double-check the label before you try this.)

Don’t put your makeup on before your contact lenses are in

If you wear makeup, be sure your hands are clean before you put your contact lenses in. Then apply your makeup with caution. Remove your contact lenses before taking off your makeup as well. This will help you avoid contamination from bacteria on your products.

Contact lenses are a great alternative to prescription glasses, as long as you treat them carefully. Learn more about contact lenses and our services below.