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What is and how you treat Dry Eye?

What is Dry Eye?

In medical terms, Dry Eye is lovingly known as "KERATOCONJUNCTIVITIS SICCA".

The tear film consists of 3 layers: A superficial lipid (oily) layer which decreases evaporation, a middle aqueous layer which contributes 90% of the tear film, and a deep mucin layer which facilitates spreading of the tears over the cornea.

How do you treat Dry Eye?

Treatment for KCS involves 3 essential components:

1.  Stimulation of tear production.
     Tear production is best stimulated by the topical administration of drops or ointments to the eye to the eyes. Usually 4-6 weeks      (sometimes longer) is required for tear production to improve. Usually treatment must be continued for life to maintain tear      production, but it is possible in some cases to reduce usage. This is especially true if KCS is detected early before severe drying      is present.

2.  Control of ocular inflammation and infection through the topical application of an antibiotic-steroid preparation. Occasionally      antibiotics may be given orally.

3.  Tear replacement until return of normal tear secretion.

Can Watery Eyes Be a Symptom of Dry Eye?

Yes. As odd as it sounds, many Dry Eye sufferers experience ‘wet eyes’ due to the tear glands overproducing watery or reflex tears to compensate for a lack of a balanced tear film


What is and how you treat Dry Eye?

FAQs - Dry Eye